Working towards equitable health care together.

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We’re All About Collaboration

CCI Health Services works with other organizations to
address barriers to health and to create safe, healthy communities for all.






Our Partners

Family of three with a new baby

Greater DC Diaper Bank

Providing for Growing Families
Our mission CCI is all about changing health outcomes. We take pride in our CenteringPregnancy program, focusing on reducing premature pregnancies and low birth weights. In the last year, 242 women have participated in the program at CCI! Thanks to our partnership with the Greater DC Diaper Bank, we are able to assist and provide our new mothers with diapers, strollers, diaper bags, and other newborn essentials.




Hungry Harvest

Keeping Nutrition on Track with HarvestRx
Our partnership with Hungry Harvest means families have one less health barrier to worry about while promoting food accessibility without financial or transportation constraints. Learn more. 


Collaborate with Us

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