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Patient Portal

Our patient portal is a hub for your health information and can be used to communicate back and forth. It is free of cost and all you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you are already registered, you can access the portal here.


To register for the patient portal, next time you are at one of our facilities, please talk to the front desk, so they can get you started. You would need a personal email and access to it.

Your First Appointment

What to expect at your first appointment

1. Tell us about you and your previous care team

This is the beginning of our relationship, so we want to get to know you really well. At your visit we will ask detailed information about you, your medications, medical history, any current health issues, and information about your self-care. We will also ask you to sign a release of information (ROI) form to give us permission to obtain your medical records and communicate with your previous care team, specialists, and any hospitals.

2. Tell us about your family
Knowing any health issues your grandparents, parents, or siblings may have, could give us a small window into your future; and help to empower you to reach your current wellness goals.

3. Tell us about your health coverage
Our high quality services are provided to all of our patients alike. If you have health insurance, remember to bring your insurance card (commercial insurance, Medicaid or Medicare). If you do not have health insurance, call (240) 839-5810 and a team member will help you explore your coverage options. You may also be eligible for our sliding fee scale discount.

Your Medical Home

Since 1972, CCI Health & Wellness Services has been at the forefront of providing access to quality care to our communities.

We are a group practice empowering patients to partner with staff for an unparalleled healthcare experience. Through integrated teams in a learning environment, we deliver high quality, affordable care to every patient during all stages of life. This simply means that we are committed wholeheartedly to one goal: wellness for all.

With 18 conveniently located practice sites across Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, we serve over 60,000 individuals and their families annually. Find out which site is closest to you and make an appointment today. Experience the embodiment of hope, excellence, and wholehealth.

Our Model of Care

As your patient-centered medical home, we can ensure you’ll receive personalized, culturally sensitive, coordinated, and effective care from a healthcare team that will work together and focus on you as a whole person. Your healthcare team will help you get healthy, and get the care and services that are right for you. It may include a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, medical assistant, community health worker, nutritionist/health educator.

Our services consist of Primary Care, Care Coordination, Dental Care, Behavioral Health, Family Planning, Prenatal Care, Nutrition and Other Health Education, Referrals to specialists and community resources, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutritional Services, and guidance on the Affordable Care Act.

Because you come first we promise to…

Make you feel welcome

Have appointments available when you need them

Help you choose your personal provider

Take care of you when you are sick

Help you stay healthy

Provide healthcare and advice based upon best practices

Share (easy to understand) information relevant to your needs

Empower you to take control of your health to meet your wellness goals

Coordinate your care with others within and outside the medical home

Respect your privacy

As an active partner in your care we ask you to…

Make healthy choices every day

Learn about how to stay healthy

Tell us everything about your health, medications, and illnesses (current & past)

Learn about your condition

Follow the plan that you and your care team develop

Call us first when you have a health problem that is not an emergency

Call us right away if you have been to the hospital or received medical advice outside of our practice sites

Share your personal care team’s contact information with any other outside healthcare provider

Rights & Responsibilities

All CCI Health & Wellness Services employees are prohibited from discriminating against patients/families on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, disabilities, age, and/or sexual orientation.

Patients/families have a right to:

  1. Privacy and confidentiality concerning medical care.
  2. To be advised in non-clinical terms, of the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions about their care.
  3. Quality medical care consistent with generally accepted standards.
  4. Considerate, respectful care with recognition of his or her personal dignity.
  5. Management of pain and discomfort.
  6. Receive care and treatment in a safe environment.
  7. A clear understandable explanation, which they can understand, concerning their diagnosis, treatment, procedures, and prognosis of their illness.
  8. Know the identity and professional credentials of the health care personnel who is providing their care.
  9. Refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the consequences of refusal.
  10. To be informed of the organization’s rules and regulations related to patient conduct.

Patients will be informed of their obligations and responsibilities to:

  1. Provide accurate and complete information regarding the following:
    Their present complaint, Perceived risks in their care, Past illnesses and hospitalizations, Unexpected changes in their condition, Current medications, Other matters related to their health.
  2. Ask questions when they do not understand their care, treatment, and services or what they are expected to do.
  3. Follow the care and treatment, and service plan developed. Patients should express any concerns about their ability to follow the proposed care plan.
  4. Be responsible for the outcomes, if they do not follow the care, treatment, and service plan.
  5. Follow the organization’s rules and show respect and consideration for the organization’s staff and property.
  6. Be responsible to promptly meet any financial obligation.
  7. Provide accurate and updated information on the following: name, address, phone number, date of birth, and other information related to their care and the processing of their insurance as requested.
  8. Keep scheduled appointments or call and reschedule before the appointment time.

Care Teams

We are part of your integrated care team, and will help you get healthy, and get the care and services that are right for you.

Being your individualized healthcare team means that we will coordinate care across specialties, services and support needed to achieve and maintain your health goals. We will partner to create clear and open communication between you, your family and the broader care team.


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