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Programs & Services Drug Discount Program

Drug Discount Program

CCI has partnered with pharmacies to offer eligible patients
discounts on approved prescription medications and over-the-counter
(OTC) medications written by a prescription.


Am I Eligible?

Did you know any 340B savings received from medications dispensed by CCI’s 340B Program participation are used to provide further assistance in our community?

Savings help us offer services such as free vaccines, community health improvement services, and increasing outreach to patients.

Remember, you must get your prescription from CCI to qualify for the discount, and that refills can only be discounted through this program if the initial prescription was eligible.

All patients are eligible, but they MUST

  • Receive services from CCI
  • Have a relationship with CCI
  • Receive a prescription from a provider who works at/under CCI

Participating Pharmacies


PharmaBlue provides prescription medication via the mail and can help you manage your medication. Enrollment forms are available at all CCI Health Center locations. Ask your provider about PharmaBlue at your next appointment.

Medly (Home Delivery Pharmacy)

When utilizing send e-scripts to:
300 St. Paul Place,
Baltimore MD 21201

T: (410)-848-7426
F: (410)-525-7090 (Same-Day Delivery)

Ultra Care Pharmacy

12619 Wisteria Dr,
Germantown, MD 20874


1325 14th Street, NW

6498 Landover Road

Silver Spring
8701 Georgia Avenue, #100
1015 Ripley Street, #B

15990 Annapolis Road

Takoma Park
1329 University Blvd., E

Terrapin (Mail Order Pharmacy)

601 Chinquapin Round Rd,
Annapolis, MD 21401

Have Questions?

Healthcare is personal – reach out to us directly with your questions and concerns. We are here to help!