Enroll in Affordable Health Insurance

Open enrollment gives individuals and families the chance to enroll in a health plan that supports their needs.

on October 10, 2023

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers your routine and some specialized health care costs. Not having health insurance is a risk, not only for you and your family’s quality of life but for your financial security. Health insurance also gives you peace of mind that you have coverage in an unexpected medical emergency.

Eligible Maryland residents can enroll in affordable health insurance during an open enrollment period with Maryland Health Connection, Medicare, or their employer.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is a designated period of time each year when you can start, stop, or change your health insurance plan.

What Types of Insurance Use Open Enrollment?

If you get health insurance through your job, Medicare, or Maryland Health Connection, you will have an open enrollment period.

Key Dates:

Maryland Health Connection Marketplace plans:
Open enrollment is November 1 through January 15.

Enroll Nov. 1-Dec. 31 for coverage beginning Jan. 1.
Enroll Jan. 1-15 for coverage beginning Feb. 1.

Health insurance through work:
Your employer will set the enrollment period. This typically takes place in the fall.

Open Enrollment Period is October 15 to December 7.
Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is around age 65.

You can enroll in health coverage anytime if you qualify for Medicaid, the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP), or MCHP Premium. Contact Maryland Health Connection to apply.

Can I make changes outside of the open enrollment period?

Usually, once you’ve selected your benefits under a health insurance plan, you have to wait until the next enrollment period to make changes.

However, a Qualifying Life Event could let you change your benefits outside of the open enrollment period.

What if I missed the deadline for open enrollment?

If you need coverage after the open enrollment period ends and you have not experienced a Qualifying Life Event, short-term health insurance may be available to support your health care needs.

Enroll Now

Open enrollment for individual and family Marketplace plans starts Nov. 1!

The application is available daily from 6 AM to 11 PM.

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