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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Clark first came to CCI Health & Wellness Services as a Locums physician in 2010 after moving to the area from Chicago with her husband. In Chicago, she worked in a small private practice seeing patients from diverse backgrounds with and without insurance. Committed to helping decrease racial health disparities and improve community health in underserved populations, Dr. Clark was disappointed to learn that most of the private practices in Maryland did not see Medicaid or Medicare patients. CCI, however, was different. “When I came to CCI, I felt like I was helping people…and not just people who had commercial HMOs and PPOs.” She was hired on as an employee in 2010 and worked at the Takoma Park center until the end of November 2013.

During that time, Dr. Clark’s children remained patients at the Takoma Park location and with encouragement from their physician Dr. Kilby, she rejoined the CCI team in late 2017. “I chose CCI for my children’s primary care because I know that CCI provides quality care and that my children would have someone else to discuss things with that they might now want to discuss with me as their mom.”

In college, Dr. Clark majored in biology but minored in chemistry and sociology. After doing an independent study in sociology on the doctor-patient relationship, with a professor who was dying of cancer, she decided primary care would be most fulfilling for her. “Family medicine allows me to get to know generations within families.” One of Dr. Clark’s favorite parts about being a family physician is helping patients learn about how diet, exercise, sleep and stress affect their health.

Over the years, Dr. Clark has learned so much about public health, racial health disparities and community health. “I came to understand that every patient has barriers to care and part of our collective team job is to help as much as we can in removing those barriers.” Helping patients, families and communities be healthier is why Dr. Clark went into medicine in the first place and working at CCI Health & Wellness Services allows her to do that in a profound way. Some former patients from Dr. Clark’s first stint with the organization have even become patients a second time!

Dr. Clark has two children and enjoys spending time with friends and family, Reiki, reading, hiking, traveling, yoga and knitting. She is board certified in family medicine and maintains an active membership with the American Academy of Family Physicians. In this new role, Dr. Clark wants to help the organization continue to provide great care to the outside community but also foster a sense of community within the staff at CCI Health and Wellness Services.