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Primary care physicians (PCPs) serve as guides in our lifelong health journey. They empower us to set and meet our health goals. They get to know us personally and are often the first to recognize when we’re not ourselves. And the care that they provide us is rooted in compassion and understanding, knowing that we are doing our best as both patients and people.

Whether you see your PCP often or as needed, you shouldn’t take them for granted. Your doctor is the link that connects the many variables that comprise your health. And if you don’t have a PCP, here’s why it’s time for you to look into finding one.

How PCPs help

PCPs are generalists, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge in many areas of medicine. They can handle everything from annual physicals to immunizations. They’re able to determine your cancer risk, analyze and explain your bloodwork, and help you manage chronic and sometimes debilitating illnesses. They also serve as educators, equipping patients with the information needed to drastically decrease the risk of disease.

When it comes to our wellness, PCPs examine the whole self. They want to get to the heart of how we are feeling. For example, they’ll ask us if we’re depressed or anxious and help us investigate what could be causing our distress. They’ll also check in on our family and job because they understand the connections between our environment and our wellness.

Your PCP can answer any question you may have about your health. They can typically treat most issues in-office, but if they can’t, they’ll provide you with referrals to specialists who can assist you based on your needs. And even if they aren’t directly treating you for a specific condition, you can count on them to be thoroughly involved in your treatment plan, collaborating with your other medical providers to ensure that you’re receiving adequate care reflective of your medical history.

Everyone needs a PCP

The way patients manage their health care is changing. According to a recent report by JAMA Internal Medicine, the rate of U.S. Americans who have a PCP has declined by 2% in the last 25 years. Urgent care visits are rising, and some patients have stopped visiting their doctor’s office altogether.

Primary care is evolving with the times, which is great for public health. But it won’t be easy to replace the relief that comes from visiting a family physician in a space built to provide the highest level of care. PCPs care for us, but more than that, they know us, and that’s what makes the difference in a patient’s well-being.

For nearly five decades, CCI Health & Wellness Services has served as a safe space for tens of thousands of families who are looking for attentive and reliable primary care in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Some of our patients have been with us for decades because it’s not just about quality health care for us—it’s about quality relationships.

If you live in our service area and are looking for a PCP who will provide you and your family with patient-centered care, we invite you to call us at (866) 877-7258) to schedule an appointment. Regardless of insurance coverage, we provide our services on a sliding scale, and we don’t turn anyone away from finding the help they need.

When it comes to your health care, you don’t need to go it alone. A PCP can assist you in reclaiming your wellness and becoming your best self. Your doctor will become a support system for you, giving you peace of mind that help is only a phone call away.