Black Maternal Health: It Takes a Village

Black Maternal Health Week, April 11th through April 17, 2023.

on April 17, 2023

Today marks the conclusion of Black Maternal Health Week, a week-long campaign created by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance to build awareness and highlight the lived experiences of Black birthing people nationwide. CCI Health Services engaged in multiple activities to celebrate this week, including entering and being selected as a finalist in HRSA’s Black Maternal Health Week Photo Spotlight and appearing on local television networks, including DC News Now and WJLA to talk about Black maternal health.

However, an activity that stood out the most this past week was our Black Moms Matter Too panel discussion held in partnership with Zion Church in Greenbelt. As CCI clinicians educated attendees on topics such as prenatal care, maternal morbidity, fertility, and mental health, a theme started to arise: It takes a village. This adage is not new to those who identify as Black or African American. We often hear our elders say this when it comes to raising children because we know it is not something we can do alone. Our spouses, siblings, parents, extended family, friends, health providers, and church congregation are just examples of those who can make up that village.

And here at CCI, we aim to be that village for anyone who walks through our doors. We know that constantly hearing stories and reading about the statistics of Black women dying during childbirth or pregnancy can have a weathering effect on the mind and body. However, CCI believes every expectant parent deserves quality care before, during, and after pregnancy. That’s why we have incorporated the CenteringPregnancy® program model into our prenatal care.

What is CenteringPregnancy®?

Centering is holistic, relationship-based care that gives patients more time with their clinicians in a supportive environment with other parents-to-be. We incorporate this program model into our prenatal care by bringing together a small group of expecting parents in the same pregnancy stage for a series of engaging and educational sessions on labor and delivery, breastfeeding, pediatric care, dental care, post-partum care and so much more!

Our expecting parents walk away with diapers, a maternal go-bag, access to healthy nutrition, and resources they’ll need along their parental journey. As a result, more than 91% of CCI parents in our CenteringPregnancy® program delivered a baby with a healthy weight in 2022. We also emphasize the continuity of care by encouraging parents to schedule pediatric and dental appointments with us.

Through our CenteringPregnancy® program and the supportive services we offer, CCI is proud to play a vital role in our community’s village. 

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