3 Challenges to Start the New Year

Here are 3 easy challenges for you and your family to start the New Year off right.

on January 2, 2024

By its most basic definition, the New Year represents the start of a new calendar year and in many cultures is cause for a celebration. One cultural tradition that remains constant is New Year’s resolutions.  These are goals you set at the beginning of the year or intentional practices you do throughout the year that better yourself or a particular group.

As we conclude the last few weeks of 2023, we know this time of year can bring on a range of feelings from grief and sadness to a sense of optimism. That’s why we’re sharing 3 easy challenges for you and your family to start the New Year off right.

Challenge #1: Schedule your next medical, dental, and vision appointments, and let’s get healthy together!

When was your last physical? How about your last dental cleaning or vision screening? If you’re up-to-date on your preventative care, great! If not, the New Year allows you to catch up on any missed appointments. We know due to the pandemic, many people found themselves neglecting their care to support sick loved ones. We also know a lack of primary care physicians has made it hard for families to access routine care. But your health is everything, and CCI is here for you!

Challenge #2: Commit to staying in touch with friends and family you may have recently lost contact with—and don’t forget to check in with yourself!

We’ve heard this phrase so much this year, “check in on your strong friends.” But the message applies to all, regardless of whether you identify as the “strong friend” or not. With all that is happening in our communities and the world, we must take the time to check in on our loved ones and ourselves. A simple phone call to ask someone how they are doing can be therapeutic and feel like an emotional release. Reciting daily affirmations, creating a gratitude journal, or picking up a new hobby are other ways to support your mental health.

Challenge #3: Take time to clean your space, not just around your home but also on your phone and other gadgets!

A clean space can help you clear your mind, and a clear mind can help you tackle even the simplest of tasks. Cleaning and decluttering your home, desk at work, or even your garage can be a great way to refresh and get ready for the New Year. If you have a pile of old magazines and mailings, maybe it’s time to go recycle or reuse them for an art project. Cleaning and decluttering can also mean clearing up space on your phone and computer. You can do this by moving photos to a cloud service and then deleting them off your phone or unsubscribing from those daily email marketing deals you probably will never read or use. 

Life is what you make it, and we hope these challenges help create a healthier, more empowered community for the New Year. Share your resolutions with us on social by tagging @ccicares!