Over 250 professionals

ready to care for you and your family's health needs


Nutrition is key

with 31,000 partcipants, CCI's WIC program is the largest in Maryland

Committed to Quality

while providing safe and effective care

Integrated Primary Care

your overall wellness is our primary focus

Dental services

available in two sites (Gaithersburg and Franklin Park)

Behavioral Health is vital

we make it an integral part of your well-being

Health Coverage

Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurance accepted

Over 57,000 individuals

and their families benefit from CCI's services and programs annually

because you come first

we promise to...

  • Make you feel welcome
  • Have appointments available when you need them
  • Help you choose your personal provider
  • Take care of you when you are sick
  • Help you stay healthy
  • Provide healthcare and advice based upon best practices
  • Share (easy to understand) information relevant to your needs
  • Empower you to take control of your health to meet your wellness goals
  • Coordinate your care with others within and outside the medical home
  • Respect your privacy
as an active partner in your care we ask YOU to...
  • Make healthy choices every day
  • Learn about how to stay healthy
  • Tell us everything about your health, medications, and illnesses (current & past)
  • Learn about your condition
  • Follow the plan that you and your care team develop
  • Call us first when you have a health problem that is not an emergency
  • Call us right away if you have been to the hospital or received medical adviceoutside of our practice sites
  • Share your personal care team’s contact information with any other outside healthcare provider
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