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Chief Medical Officer

In 2015, Dr. Robert Blake joined CCI Health and Wellness Services and began his career in community health. Towards the end of his stint in hospital medicine, he started to realize that health care should and could be provided in a more holistic, efficient and accessible manner. In search of such an opportunity, Dr. Blake arrived at CCI Health and Wellness Services – a place he calls “a dream come true!”

Committed to providing care to vulnerable and underserved populations, Dr. Blake has spent the last 2 ½ years as Health Center Medical Director at our Franklin Park site in Greenbelt. He continues to lend that passion to his staff and colleagues, and is equally inspired by those who work so diligently beside him. “I am constantly inspired to see how health professionals and support staff band together to give their best, heartfelt service day in and day out. It is equally inspiring to witness the appreciative reflection of that dedication by our patients and their families.”

In his new role as Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Blake hopes to create an environment that improves provider satisfaction, as this in turn promotes enhanced patient satisfaction. “Although fulfilling, front-line service can take its toll on many dimensions of one’s life. We often speak about work-life balance, which is of the utmost importance; however, it is possible and quite necessary to achieve service-fulfillment balance.” He went on to say, “there are still many segments of our community that would benefit from the hope, excellence, and whole health that CCI Health and Wellness Services provides. Access to care, efficiency, satisfaction, and high-quality should be constantly moving goals. We must keep raising the bar!”